Creeping Shadow Web Designs
Creeping Shadow Web Designs was founded by Amy Rizzo in an attempt to supply the small company, club, or band with a quality website at an affordable price. It is important in today's market to have a web presence, whether you want to advertise for your company or simply let people know when you are playing live.

Amy began as a programmer writing software for County Governments in Texas, Georgia, Oregon, and Washington. From there, she moved into the web world as a professional eCommerce Analyst for a large company and eventually moved into the eCommerce Development world for a major retailer. In an effort to fill a gap between corporate prices and lagging quality, she has begun assisting bands and small companies with creating a professional looking websites at affordable prices ranging from the simplest one page website to complex sites with logins, database access, dynamically built pages, online forms, etc.

The goal of Creeping Shadow Web Designs is to get more information on the internet so people can find what they are looking for, whether it is the next practice day for the school club, the next show date for a particular band, or the services offered by that new company.

For more professional information about Amy's qualifications, you can view her resume here.

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Sites she has been a part of include the following (design & implementation by Amy Rizzo unless otherwise stated):

Business & Personal Websites

The Junior League of Arlington - Graphic design by DD Flynn, site design and implentation by Amy Rizzo.
DMH Poker Tables - This is a sample page for a site I am currently creating.
Amy's Home Site Original photographs taken by Mike Rizzo.
Neiman's UAT site - This is an internal website on an Intranet and cannot be viewed from the internet. Therefore, this link is to a sample mock up of the main page of the site.

Band Websites

Maiden Texxas
Weaken The Adversary