July 10, 2005

We've changed our name! Why? Well, there is a band in Colorado named "Deviant" who has a trademark on the name. They have it trademarked and we don't -- it's as simple as that. So, we are now WEAKEN THE ADVERSARY. The music is the same and the album release will not be hindered! Spread the word -- Deviant of Dallas, TX is now WEAKEN THE ADVERSARY!
Note: All references to "Deviant" on this site and/or on this page refer to the history of WTA prior to the name change. Deviant (of Dallas, TX) is no longer in existence except as a memory and a piece of the history of WTA.

January 21st 2005

Where's Deviant been lately???? As you may have noticed Deviant has been on a slight hiatus for the last few months.  We took off some time to work on new material for our upcoming album.  Afte parting with original Deviant drummer Jeff Talbert, we incorporated the talents of Justin Parrish to finish writing and recording material for our new disc. After a couple of months of gigging and working with Justin it became apparent that we wanted to go in different directions and so Deviant began auditioning drummers. Deviant would like to thank all of the drummers that took the time to work with us during the six weeks of auditioning.

We'd also like to send a special thanks out to Homer Castro from the Ft. Worth band Deprived for stepping up and filling in for a couple shows we already had scheduled last October. He learned all the material quickly and rode with us to Louisiana to do the shows.

Steven Summers of
A Dying Faith and formerly of When Life Has Ceased has joined Deviant as the new drummer. Steven started playing with us in late October, he learned and improved all of the material we already had written and we immediately started to finish up the stuff we had been working on as well as develop a few new tunes. The attitude and energy that Steven brings to the band is amazing and we could not be happier that he decided to join the band.

Because of the drummer transition, we got into the studio a bit later than expected. But on Dec 10th of 2004 Deviant entered 379 productions studio in Dallas, TX with producer / engineer D. Braxton Henry of Blood Ties. We recorded on nights and weekends from Dec 10th through Dec 28th laying down the tracks for "Burn me Alive" and spent the better part of January working on the mix and other details of the recording. It was a awesome experience working with Braxton, he is a truly talented producer that really pulled the best out of Deviant. We are getting the new disc mastered by Brad Blackwood @ Euphonics Masters in Memphis, TN and we are really looking forward to getting the finished product back so we can release the album as soon as possible. We are still working on the album artwork and other details so it will still be a several weeks before "Burn Me Alive" will be released.

In the meantime check out the new tracks posted on the downloads page and be sure to check the shows page for when Deviant will be in your town!!!!!

December 10 2004

We'd like to take a moment to remember the legacy and mourn the loss of a great guitar player and friend to many: Dimebag Darrell - 8/20/66 - 12/8/04. Whether a Pantera fan, Damage Plan fan, musician, friend, or simply a metalhead, all can appreciate the talent and down to Earth nature of Dime.

June 2004

Jeff Talbert is no longer with Deviant. He was one of the founding members and helped to make Deviant what it is today. More than that, he has and will always be a friend. Lift your beers to Jeff -- he will be missed.

Justin Parrish will be filling Jeff's spot. We look forward to tearing up the stage (and the studio) with the new blood! Come check out the new lineup and let us know what you think!

May 2004

Deviant would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to Charlie, the red-headed roadie. He is leaving to go to school in Utah. We will be holding his going away party at BFE this year! Come out and wish him well with us. He will be sorely missed by the band and all who knew him!!

Deviant is up for the band of the month on the All Things Metal website... so take your ass over there to check out the site and vote for Deviant!!!

March 2004

Deviant just finished recording 2 songs in the studio - "Burn Me Alive" and a revised version of "War of Angels". This is the first Deviant recording to feature Mike Rizzo on guitar. If you like Deviant live, you have got to check out these songs! The songs were recorded and engineered by James Delgado. Braxton and James mixed them. Check them out here. If you like what you hear, keep an ear out for more to come later this year! This new recording of "War of Angels" will be featured on compilations from three different independent record labels including Screaming Ferrot, Lifeless Records, and Sedated Records.

January 2004

Deviant would like to thank everyone that came out and supported us at The Local show with 97.1 the Eagle @ Tree's on 1/25/04!!! The show was great and we look forward to getting back to Tree's with the Eagle.

Deviant is proud to announce that we have recently signed with Terrorcrew productions for assistance with Managment and bookings. One of the first things that we are working on together is the "Tearing up Texas 2004" tour scheduled for Saturday's during the end of April thru May. The tour will include Deviant, Doctura from San Antonio, Dereistic from Houston, and a still yet undetermined band from Austin. The tour is in the beginning stages but promises to be huge so check back soon for more info.

Over the next few months Deviant will be putting songs on compilations from three Independent record labels. The first one should be out by the end of Febuary on the Screaming Ferrot Record label (the home of Nuclear Assault) and will feature the song "War of Angels". The next one out will be with Matt Bachand from the band Shadows Fall on his label Lifeless Records. "A Treasury of Sorrow" will be the fifth compilation put out by Lifeless records with artist In the past including BIOHAZARD, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SINGLE BULLET THEORY, ENFORSAKEN, GOD FORBID, SKINLESS, SHADOWS FALL, UNEARTH, DIECAST, ALL THAT REMAINS, and many more. This is a huge honor for us to have been chosen by Matt to be on his compilation because he is in one of the biggest bands in the country and the cd is going to be exclusively released at this years New England Metal & Hardcore Festival on April the 30th. And a little later in the year we will be on Terrorcrew's label Sedated Records for the second edition of the "Evil Intentions" compilations.

The new expected recording sessions for Deviant have now been pushed back to August because we have been talking with our friends Tearabyte's record label Screaming Ferrot and are starting to work together to get Deviant's first full length album released through them. This is just in the beginning stages and nothing has been inked but things are looking good.

Christmas 2003

Deviant would like to thank all of our family's, friends, fans, & bands that we've played with over the last year. Because of all of your support we have had a great 2003 with no signs of slowing down in 2004. We want to throw a special thank you out to our manager Jim Adkins for financially supporting the band and allowing Deviant the opportunity to play The New Jersey & Milwaukee Metal Festivals, hooking up the
merch, & helping us travel all over the state of Texas & beyond...Jim you fuckin Rule!!!

December 2003

While the writing is going well with our next CD we are having to postpone it a little while we save up some cash to get a quality recording. This will be our first recording with newcomer Mike Rizzo on guitar! Be prepared for a new release by spring!!!

A new disc is not the only thing happening for Deviant in the upcoming year. Among many things we will be making a return trip to the Milwaukee Metal Festival in July, hooking up with proper booking/management through www.terrorcrewproductions.com, & we are presently working on getting a new website up and running.

Deviant is going to be playing allot of shows over the next couple of months but what better way to start off the new year than by playing 97.1 The Eagle's, "The Local show" on January 25th @ Tree's!!! The show is going to feature a live interview with the band before the show & only cost $1.97 cover & $1.00 beers & wells all night long. Be sure to bring your ass out to this show & support Deviant & Live Texas Metal here in Dallas. Don't forget to e-mail Robert and let him know that you want to hear Deviant on the airwaves of North Texas.

November 2003

Deviant is gearing up for another record due out by early 2004. No title for the record has been locked in yet but a couple of the new tracks are "Demon Within" and "The Human Condition" (Candid). The writing is going well with several still untitled cuts in the works. Plans have already been made to record at Nomad Studios with producer Gary Long who has worked with King Diamond, Mercyful Fate & most of the top bands in the Dallas area. We were planning on slowing down on the shows to concentrate on the new disc but it seems that there is a growing demand to see Deviant live. What the promoters and people want is what they get so we are steadily playing with more shows coming in all the time.  So be sure to check out the shows page for when Deviant will be at a venue near you.

Sometime in 2003

Deviant is now on www.snakenet.com so get over there and request some Deviant and check out all the cool Metal related shit on this Kick Ass online Metal Radio Station. Don't forget to let Robert Miguel at 97.1 the Eagle know that you want to hear Deviant on the Airwaves of North Texas!!! Show your support for Deviant and take a second to send him an e-mail @ robert@kegl.com letting him know that you want to hear some heavy shit on "The Local Show"!!!

Sometime in 2003

Deviant is Fuckin stoked to let you know that "Endless Black Skies" is now in, as well as shirts and stickers!
You can get your shit here on the site off the merch page or at any of our upcoming shows.
Be sure to check out the downloads page to hear some new shit!!!!!

May 2003

Deviant's "War of Angels" track has just been labeled as:

Deviant is ranked #1 of 25 in Metal! (May 12th 2003)
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